This week, Brandon Robinson, owner of Skin Body Soul and investor in OrangeTwist, talks about the business outlook for the medical spa industry during and potentially after the COVID-19 pandemic. He covers how investment interest in the industry has actually increased over the past several months and reveals his thought process as he expanded his business over the course of 2020. He talks about:

  • Ways the pandemic has proven the business model of medical aesthetics;
  • How the “stickiness” of the industry has become apparent to investors;
  • Why and how he managed to expand during pandemic;
  • Where opportunities can come from during and after lockdown;
  • The importance of knowing your numbers, knowing your model and sticking to your guns;
  • Protections you can build into lease agreements to give yourself confidence to take risks;
  • Predictions for when industry will get back to full capacity; and
  • His reflections on 2020.