This week, George Baxter-Holder, ARNP, DNP, CANS, and chair of the AmSpa Aesthetic Safety Council (AASC), joins us in a wide-ranging talk. He covers:

  • The AASC looking at the practice guidelines with fresh eyes;
  • The priorities when fine-tuning the practice guidelines;
  • Determining the intent of practice guidelines;
  • Looking at the practice guidelines as a position statement rather than a policy statement;
  • Coming to a consensus on minimum standards for medical aesthetic practices;
  • Trying to define “medical director,” including training and qualifications;
  • The resiliency of medical spa industry during COVID-19;
  • His involvement with the Academy for Injection Anatomy; and
  • The benefits of getting a hands-on, 3D view of anatomy for injectors.

See here for more information on the AmSpa Aesthetic Safety Council.


See here for more information on the Academy for Injection Anatomy.