COVID-19 had a huge impact on medical aesthetic practices across the country, forcing business owners to overcome unprecedented circumstances. For some, however, quarantine was not the only catastrophe to strike. In part one of this two-part series on overcoming disasters, Marria Pooya of Greenwich Medical Spa talks about a fire that devastated her flagship location, how she was able to adapt and move forward, and the keys to building a foundation that can withstand enormous, unforeseen challenges. She covers:

  • How the lockdown affected her four-location business;
  • The ways it managed to survive, restructure and move forward from quarantine;
  • The fire that completely destroyed the company‚Äôs flagship location;
  • Recovering from the loss of equipment, property and server data;
  • The importance of having dependable leadership team during crisis;
  • Meeting sales goals across multiple locations while maintaining patient care;
  • How sticking to core values plays into resiliency, longevity and success;
  • Her plans for growth and outlook on the future; and
  • The most essential KPIs she looks at every day.