In this week’s episode, AmSpa CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD, speaks with two members of Operation Mend, a charity operation out of UCLA that provides advanced treatment to post-9/11 military members, veterans and their families. Executive director Jo Sornborger, PsyD, and Christopher Crisera, MD, plastic surgeon and founder of the program, both join Alex in a conversation that covers:

  • The origins of Operation Mend and the importance of their work with veterans; 
  • The intersection between mental health needs and reconstructive surgery; 
  • How involving caregivers in the program led to better outcomes; 
  • How needs are assessed; 
  • Why there is so much difficulty in getting treatment for veterans;
  • How trauma can affect the entire family unit; 
  • The personal impact from working with Operation Mend; and
  • How listeners can become involved in their mission.