On this week’s episode, Neela Sethi Young, MD, pediatrician and co-founder of Jaanuu, talks about how she branched out from practicing medicine into the world of medical fashion. The discussion covers:

  • Her desire for more comfort and style in medical attire;
  • The benefits of being expressive through clothing in professional settings;
  • The need for designer clothes with performance levels of durability;
  • How the meaning behind Jaanuu’s name guides the company’s focus;
  • The roles clothes in a professional setting can play in mental health and positive self-image;
  • The Jaanuu Cares and #AlwaysMind campaigns in relation to health care professionals and self-care;
  • The importance of advocacy to Jaanuu’s mission;
  • Lessons from COVID that changed the way Jaanuu operates;
  • And more!