In the first episode of our Member Spotlight miniseries, AmSpa’s Membership Relationship Development Specialist Michela Bailey sits down with Jackie Spagnuolo, MSN, NP, of Beauty Nurse NYC, to talk about her experiences as a nurse in New York during the COVID-19 outbreak. She talks about:

  • First reactions to the pandemic in New York and patient reaction to the shutdown;
  • Leaving her aesthetics practice during the shutdown to work as a frontline provider at a hospital;
  • An average hospital shift during COVID-19 crisis;
  • Maintaining her aesthetics practice during the shutdown with private-label products and digital consultations;
  • The “adopt-a-health-care-professional” initiative;
  • Methods of self-care to combat burnout;
  • The increased demand for services during and after lockdown;
  • And more!