This week, we’re checking back in with the nurse practitioner duo Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP, and Alexandra Rogers, NP, of LexRx. They talk about managing their quarantine year, maintaining and building their hyper-focused injectables-based brand and the importance of keeping their brand identity as they grow. Listen in to hear about:

  • How they surpassed their year-over-year numbers in 2020, despite a four-month quarantine closure;
  • The key to the success of their private label skin care line;
  • The benefits of organic media vs. advertising and sponsored content;
  • The market research they considered when they began considering new locations;
  • The rationale behind the LexRx “Team House” in Nantucket;
  • What they look for during the hiring process;
  • How to maintain brand identity while expanding to multiple locations; and
  • What they’ve learned as business owners in the two years since the last time they were on the podcast.