In this week’s episode, AmSpa Founder and CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD, and AmSpa Membership Relationship Development Specialist, Michela Bailey, team up to speak with Michele Pelafas, Founder and Artistic Director of Michele Pelafas, Inc. After a tour of Pelafas’ Chicago area design studio + salon equipment showroom, they sat down to talk about interior design for beauty. Their conversation covers:

  • Finding the clinical, spa and beauty connection;
  • How her team identifies what the client wants;
  • Reflecting brand identity into medical spa design;
  • The phases of the design process;
  • How Pelafas came to fill the holes in the market;
  • Making business decisions that align with purpose and vision;
  • How startups should prepare for interior design;
  • What’s next for her business, and much more!