This week, Dr. Robin Patel, professor of microbiology and director of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, returns to answer questions about the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccines rolling out across the country. She covers:

  • Putting the vaccine into perspective: How impressive was speed of research?;
  • Whether the rush to market sacrificed safety and research into side-effects;
  • Reasons to take the vaccine;
  • What effectiveness rates mean with regard to the various vaccines;
  • How worried should we be about COVID-19 variants;
  • If you can still transmit COVID-19 once vaccinated;
  • If you should still get vaccinated if you’ve already contracted COVID;
  • Whether other allergies give you higher risks with this vaccine; and
  • If people should try to choose one vaccine over another.