Hearing about the slowing economy and uncertainty is topic #1 in recent days. This discussion will highlight what we have control over at this volatile time. Learn strategies that provide you a baseline of information of how you can stay in action when and if appropriate for you. 

  • Finance: Determining Cash Flow – Prioritize What You Have to and Can Skip Paying
  • Finance: Negotiating with Vendors to Extend Your Terms and Get You Through
  • Team: Transparency, Training, and Being a Good Source of Information and a Leader During a Crisis
  • Virtual Tele Medicine and Video Conferencing:  Using systems to allows you to see patients for Consults, Pre-operative visits and Post-operative visits. 
  • Train on Technical: Recommendation and Selling Skills during Possible Closure
  • Putting a Virtual Special Sales Event Together to Create Cash Flow Now
  • Advanced Gift Card Sales and Package Incentives Online
  • Consider a Concierge Travel Service  

For the sample letter Bryan mentions, along with links to other resources, click here to download.