This week, AmSpa Founder and CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD, speaks with Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in San Francisco and Founder and CEO of BuildMyHealth, a price transparency/lead generation platform. They speak about the No Surprises Act and how it impacts medical spas. Their conversation covers:

  • Dr. Kaplan’s history with price transparency and the resources he developed for providers;
  • The three recent legislation efforts governing price transparency;
  • How medical aesthetics is affected by new measures against surprise bills;
  • What you need to include in a good faith estimate;
  • Why medical spas should care about complying with the No Surprises Act;
  • Who is required to get a good faith estimate;
  • Why it’s taken so long to get medical practices to share their pricing;
  • And more!